1. 17th January, 2014, in Room No 345 of Hotel Leela Palace in New Delhi, Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

2. Police recovered two strips of Alprax, each containing 15 tablets, beside Pushkar’s bed. The initial autopsy by AIIMS doctor Sudhir Gupta’s team found the death sudden and unnatural, possibly from poisoning or drug overdose.

3. Surprisingly, a separate viscera and toxicology concluded that the death was natural, perhaps from cardiac seizure triggered by a combination of factors, including Pushkar’s stressful lifestyle and medications.

4. Six months later in July, Gupta claimed a powerful UPA minister had pressurized him to fudge the autopsy.

5. Now after a year, Delhi Police registered a murder case, "Medical report says she was poisoned, oral or injected we do not know, it is being investigated," confirmed Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi.

6. The investigators have decided to send her viscera samples to a laboratory either in Britain or  US to identify the poison including whether it could be radioactive isotopes that cannot be detected in Indian labs.

7. The report rules out "natural cause" while noting out that all the 15 injuries found on her, except 'injury number 10' (an injection mark), were caused by blunt force and non-contributing to death.

8. Exuding amazement Thraoor said, “"I am stunned to hear that the Delhi Police have filed a case of murder against unknown persons in the demise of my late wife Sunanda. Needless to say I am anxious to see this case is investigated thoroughly and continue to assure the police of my full co-operation."  

9. Moving on, the Delhi Police formed a Special Investigative Team (SIT) to probe the matter.

10. To its irony, after promising full support Shashi Tharoor in a letter to Delhi Police Chief BS bassi said  a police official has attempted to implicate him and a domestic help in the matter.

"I would request you to take immediate and appropriate action against such unlawful misconduct of the officer concerned. My staff and I have always made ourselves available for any kind of inquiry and investigation but the recent behaviour of the officers towards my staff is a matter of serious concern to any law abiding citizen,” said Tharoor.

11. Taking forward its probe into the murder of Sunanda Pushkar, Delhi Police on Thursday questioned their domestic help Shri Narayan Singh again.  

12.  Tharoor has once again extended full cooperation but has appealed that inquiry must be without any 'political pressure' and 'per-determined outcome'

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