Sunanda's cousin Ashok Kumar claimed that the reasons for the death of the wife of the former union minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was "unnatural" and alleged that it was "pre-planned".
"Earlier it was said that it was overdose and now it's clear that it was due to poisoning. We want a CBI probe," Kumar said.
Sunanda's brother Ashish Das said the truth should come out in the case.
"Whatever the truth has to be will come out in whatever format it has to come in. That's what we are expecting," he said.
A team of AIIMS doctors has submitted a fresh report to police on the death of Sunanda, maintaining that she died of poisoning.
The new report by the three-member panel of doctors, who had conducted the autopsy on her, was prepared on the basis of the findings of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) which had examined Sunanda's viscera, according to sources.
They said that the team had again concluded like it did in its first report that her kidney, liver and heart were functioning normally and that her death was caused by poisoning.

The new report was submitted to police nine days ago.

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