Authorities at Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital (KIMS) in Kerala capital said that the doctors, however, did not take any immediate decision on the course of treatment or medicines to be given.
Instead, they then decided to wait till all results are obtained and then meet again and decide on the future course.
Sunanda, who was upset over an alleged extra-marital affair between her minister husband Shashi Tharoor and a Pakistani journalist, was found dead in a five-star hotel room on Friday night.
Sunanda had undergone a detailed medical examination at the hospital where she spent two days on January 13 and 14. Tharoor was also with her and the couple appeared ‘jovial’, sources said.
Their plan was to return a few days later and decide on the treatment, based on results of the tests, the sources said.
However, the hospital sources declined to divulge specific details of the tests. They said that the medical board would hand over the results to police, if required.
A meeting of the doctors is underway in the hospital to look into the results.
"A meeting of the medical board is on to consider the results of the test. We cannot say anything now on the matter," a hospital spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson of Tharoor said here that Sunanda's cremation is likely to take place in Delhi. However, a final decision would be taken after the post-mortem.
Sunanda's son Shiv is already in Delhi.
Tharoor's sons Ishaan and Kanishk are expected to reach Delhi. The minister's sister Smitha has also left for Delhi from London.


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