After Tharoor was questioned on Monday by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the circumstances leading to the mysterious death of Sunanda a year back, the Delhi Police yesterday handed over her laptop and four mobile phones to DFS for further analysis.
"Officials of Delhi Police came to DFS yesterday and handed over one laptop and four mobile phones, which were used by Pushkar before her death, in a sealed cover," DFS Director J M Vyas said.
"We have been given the task to examine them and extract crucial information to help the ongoing investigation by the police," Vyas said.
"We are not given any time frame to give our final report, but we will do it as soon as possible. DFS is equipped with technology to extract information from such gadgets, even if it is deleted," he said.

"We can find out with whom she was in contact and what kind of communication she had before her death. Such insight can prove crucial for police," he said.

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