Mumbai: Remembering Dara Singh, a day after he passed away, Suniel Shetty compares the legendary actor as a coconut. In fact, he even says that the actor-wrestler was one of his biggest inspirations towards developing the image of an action star that Shetty is famously known as today.

He says, “He was like a coconut. He was hard from outside but so tender from within.” The actor even recalls seeing Singh during some of his most important wrestling matches during his younger days.

Shetty says, “I have grown up watching Dara Singh ji fight every Saturday at the National Sport Club of India right from the time when I was 12-13 years old. I was his huge fan and always wanted to make a body like him. I have seen him become Rustam-e-Punjab, to Rustam-e-Hind and to Rustam-e-Zamaan.”

Shetty also tells us about his favourite Dara Singh-wrestling technique, “He used to lift and spin and the move was called Helicopter Spin. His famous flying drop kick and deathlock were also great. I think I would have fainted if I ever touched him!”

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