Mumbai: London-based actor Navin Chaudhury sought permission of Sunny Deol before bashing him up for a scene in Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru’s upcoming movie.

For a sequence, Navin had to strangulate and punch the star but he was scared to do so out of sheer respect. He actually went to Sunny paaji and told him about his trepidation about the specific scene.

Says a source from the unit, “Sunny is a popular name in London and Navin’s family too are Sunny’s fans. He was hesitant before doing that scene so he asked Sunny if he should do it. The unit folk couldn’t stop laughing when after the shot he asked Sunny if he was hurt."

The source adds, “Navin thought that the people who were watching the shoot in London would beat him up if he punched Sunny in front of them!”

After the shot, Sunny hugged the poor guy and made him feel comfortable.  


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