Kullu: Bollywood macho man Sunny Deol has decided to make his dream home amidst the scenic beauty of the well known hill station Manali, better known as ‘Mini Bollywood’ to the tourists.

After former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sudhanshu Maharaj, Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath, Omar Abdullah have already fulfilled their dream of owning a home in the paradise, Sunny Deol has also fallen in love with the beautiful valley.

Sunny heads for Manali either for shooting or for a vacation on regular intervals. While on his last visit to the city, Sunny had stayed at his friend horticulturist Nakul Khullar’s home, the well known house used for the shooting of film Fanaa, Krish and Ghulam in Raison village, 32 kilometres from Manali.  

The actor has expressed his desire to purchase a land in the area to build his dream home. Talking about his friend, Nakul said, “Sunny is of a friendly nature and has fallen in love with the valley.”

Last year, when Sunny was on a vacation with his family, they had stayed at the private cottage Gurang and he was so much in awe of it that he prefers to stay in the same cottage whenever he visits the city.

Some other Bollywood stars have also purchased private flats in Manali.