The crowd went out of control following which the police intervened to ensure that the actress is safe.
“Some assailants gathered at the rickshaw stand where the promotions were on and tried to get too close to Sunny,” said a source.

Leone confirmed this news and thanked the cops.

“We were doing the rickshaw promotions, when suddenly things got out of hand. Police had to intervene and remove people who were getting on the auto rickshaw on which I was sitting. They were banging it but thank God nothing much happened as the cops came immediately to help us out," Leone told a leading daily.

"The ride in the rickshaw was fun till this happened," she added.

Leone was looking beautiful in her white and pink top with black tights. Despite her inability to speak in Hindi, the actress was seen smiling and chatting with the auto rickshaw drivers.

A few people even came forward to help the actress paste the promotional posters that had messages such as ‘Ragini ka naya MMS dekha kya?’ and ‘Ragini yahan baithi thi’.


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