"Disappointing that I had starts but have not been able to convert those starts into bigger performances. There were very good opportunities for me to win matches for my side and it's disappointing that I could not win the game for the team," Rahul told in an interview.
"It's good learning and I am only hoping that I use this experience of not doing well and work on my game and get better. When the same opportunity comes, I may be better skilled and be in better frame of mind to win the game for the team," he said.
Rahul's unbeaten 44 in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore on April 13 is his best during the IPL and he scored poorly in a few other matches.
Sunrisers has played good cricket in this IPL tournament though it ended up losing couple of matches, he said.
"We played really good cricket in the last seven games. It is very unfortunate that in a few games, the results did not go our way. I think we have been executing our plans really well. We have done well in all the games," he said.
The Hyderabad side has six points from seven matches it has played in the tournament.
Rahul said he would like to keep working hard for finding a berth in the national side though he does not want to be undue pressure in the process.
"I am just looking to enjoy this tournament, enjoy one game, not worry about the future. I know it will happen if I keep working hard and if I keep putting in consistent performances, it will happen.
"So, I am just looking to enjoy each day and I just want to keep training harder and keep putting in consistent performances, those are the things I am looking to," he said.
The 23-year-old player from Karnataka, who had played a key role in his side winning the Ranji Trophy in 2013-14 with his centuries, said his career has been a "bumpy ride so far" and that he would like to learn every day.
"It's been a bumpy ride so far. I am still young. But, still I had my share of success and downfall. It's all part of learning curve. It's all part of an athlete's career. I enjoyed every bit of it."

"I have grown much stronger in the last two-three years as a person and as a cricketer. I am just looking to learn every day and enjoy myself and keep getting better as a cricketer and as a team man," Rahul said.
When told that he is also a wicketkeeper-batsman like Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul says he cannot be compared with the former.
"I don't think I can be compared to M S Dhoni. He is a legend. We look at MS Dhoni and try to learn things from him, the way he handles himself in pressure situations, the way he led the team with so much calmness and composure.
"Not only how he has improved himself as a cricketer, but how he has helped other cricketers around and improve. That is a great sign for a captain. He has been a wonderful cricketing ambassador for our country," he said.
He, however, said he has benefited from the advice of Dhoni when they played together in Australia.
"Of course, I played with him (Dhoni). Unfortunate that I could only play one test match with him. He retired. But that's how he is. Whatever little time we could spend in Australia, we did and he gave me lot of advice and lot of inputs," he said.
Observing that international cricket has become competitive nowadays, Rahul said he needs to improve himself continuously for survival.
"The game is very fast nowadays. There are three different formats and the game has become very competitive and you have to keep improving as a player. With the videos and all those things that big players and opposition always trying to find out your weaknesses and target you there. So, you cannot leave any stone unturned," he said.

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