The innovation dubbed "super cooler bag" has been designed by the Icebridge Oy Company based in Tuusula, near Helsinki.

Company CEO Jukka Hämäläinen said a "non-electric cooling system" developed by the company can be used in many different applications, such as in cooler bags.

"In practice, the basic product is ready but the product for the consumer market is still undergoing a few adjustments. We aim to complete the development work by the end of the year," the official said.

The most noticeable benefit of the "super cooler bag" over traditional cooler bags is its long-lasting and reliable temperature control.

The product is designed for conditions in which electric or otherwise-powered refrigeration space is not available or is insufficient.

"Our product is especially suited for travel, long hiking trips, staying at the summer cottage, sailing excursions and other kinds of events such as festivals," said Hämäläinen. He said the largest markets for the bag will be in the Middle East and in North America.

Icebridge's flagship product is a non-electric refrigeration system for airline catering. It is based on patented technology developed by inventor Jarmo Aurekoski.

The system cools the serving trolley evenly and for a sustained period, meaning that food can be kept cool for up to 23 hours. The CEO said that 10 airlines have been using Icebridge products.

“Dutch airline KLM has been flying with Icebridge coolers for over a year. The company has calculated that the product has helped save 1.2 million euros per year,” he said.


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