Film:  Super Model

Navin Batra

Cast: Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel

Jagran Rating:

"All the films releasing this time are small to medium budget films. The number of screens per film won't be more than 500-600. Also, the budget will range from Rs 8 to Rs10 crore, with 'Super Model' being less than that and 'Warning' crossing that," trade analyst Komal Nahta said.

The high point of director Navin Batra's "Super Model" is that it stars controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik and her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel. Their romance on the reality show “Bigg Boss” boosted the TRPs, now they are set to woo the box office.

Shot in Fiji, Super Model showcases the gloomy picture of glamour industry. We have visited the same dark world of showbiz in Madhur Bhandarakar’s Fashion and Heroine, which showed struggle, competition, and politics. But this time Batra has gone a step ahead by making it more fictional after inducing murder and suspense into it.

Story line: 
The story revolves around an aspiring model Veena Malik, a photographer Ashmit Patel and a murderer.  

The story kicks off with a liquor tycoon, Harsh Chhaya, who wants to launch a new brand of wine and therefore is in search of a fresh face for its endorsement. He ropes in a photographer, played by Asmit, for the assignment.

Taking up the task, Ashmit organizes a bikini calendar shoot contest in Fiji Island where Veena along with other models participate in the race.

But things take an ugly turn when all models are mysteriously murdered one by one and Veena comes under suspicion for these cold-blooded murders. But is she really a murderer that is how the story deals further.

The Super Model speaks

Actress Veena Malik says she had to let go of some of her favourite food items to cut down almost 9 kgs to fit into her role in the film.

"I had to work hard to fit into the character. When my producer and director Navin Batra came to sign me, they said that 'Veena-ji, you need to cut down your weight to 47 kgs'. I was 56 kgs at that time. So to be a supermodel, I had to let go of food," Veena said here at the music launch of the film.

"Then of course, to get into the character's emotional ups and downs while acting... that was there. I wanted to make it look very real on screen," she added.

The Pakistani diva says she has worn so many bikinis in her upcoming film that she doesn't want to wear the two-piece garment ever again.

"The number of bikinis that I have worn in this film, I have never worn as many before. I don't even intend to wear a bikini again," the 29-year-old said.


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