Called ZenGrab LaneWatch, the digital cameras can be attached to lampposts and do not require advance warning signs. The new cameras can catch out motorists who stop in yellow boxes and make illegal U-turns.
A box junction is a road traffic control measure designed to prevent congestion and gridlock at junctions. The footage is transmitted by 3G to the council to decide whether to issue penalty or not.
There has been a huge increase in the number of traffic contraventions detected by Westminster Council in UK.
The two roads in central London where it is testing the cameras spotted a staggering 1,076 contraventions over four weeks, the report said.
On the other hand, current CCTV, on which index plates can be blurred, only caught 271 minor offences in a year.
The camera system has already been used during the London Olympics to enforce the Games Lanes reserved for athletes and officials.


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