The Delhi Police arrested a suspect in the cash-for-vote scam after getting rap on their knuckles from the Supreme Court for slipshodness in the investigation. It is highly deplorable that the Delhi Police working under the Central government was whiling away its time in probing the cash-for-vote scam. The ruling dispensation on one hand makes a high-decibel claim for turfing out corruption, on the other is sweeping the rot and sleaze in the governance under carpet. The Prime Minister himself sharply reacted on the scam issue saying that the accused would be brought to book, nonetheless there was a slackness in probing the scam being extremely obnoxious. After the intervention of the Apex Court, the Delhi Police swung into action. The nation wants to know why the Central government maintained poise on such a grievous matter. Why was the Prime Minister’s assurance in this regard proved vacuous and the Supreme Court had to take a dig at the callous approach of the Delhi Police in the probe of the issue? The UPA government had already faced much heat when WikiLeaks dropped bombshell spilling beans that a high-end Congress leader too was involved in buying MPs during the ‘Vote for Confidence’ in 2008. After the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee, to probe this scam, the issue was handed over to the crime branch of Delhi Police who was dilly dallying on the investigation till the court’s intervention.

As the Central government hushed up the cash-for-vote scam for three years, it is required that the Supreme Court should keep a tab on the modus -operandi of the police in this context. The Court should ignore any objection of the Centre while probing the scam. Be it 2G scam or black money issue, government’s track record is very dismal and disappointing. Had the Central dispensation been serious for its credibility, the truth of the cash for vote scam would have been solved much earlier. It seems unambiguous that the Centre itself was stonewalling the investigation and bending the police machinery to its whim. Now it is clear why the Centre in consonance with state governments against the police reform does not want to make investigating agencies autonomous?