London: Supermodel Naomi Campbell and long term boyfriend Vladislav Doronin are reportedly set to wed.

The 41-year-old Campbell celebrated her secret engagement with Doronin with a 50,000 pound fireworks display, while they were on a holiday in Greece, according to a report.

"Naomi and her boyfriend set of 50,000 pound worth of fireworks over a 20 minute period. She was brimming with excitement and hinted they were engaged. She was telling guests it was time to celebrate 'their little secret'. Naomi had the most incredible ring on. Everyone was commenting on how genuinely excited she seemed," a source said.

Fellow holidaymakers also got to enjoy the display in the Mediterranean Sea, with the guest saying it was the most amazing they had ever seen.

"She said they were celebrating something that would send their message to the stars with a spectacular display of fireworks. People came out of the hotels all around the bay and up the mountain to watch. It was the most incredible display I've ever seen," a guest said.