New Delhi: Right from classes to the masses, no one has been left untouched by the magic of Anna Hazare. It has been established by the fact that while thousands of people have thronged Delhi roads in favour of the Gandhian, he has proved a major success story of social networking sites.

The tech-savvy which includes Anna’s supporters and his critics have strongly condemned his arrest and detention in Tihar jail. Alike his first campaign, Hazare has been a huge hit in the second phase of his anti-corruption crusade.

People are using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and even BlackBerry messenger to spread messages for Anna Hazare.

A Facebook page - India Against Corruption- was keeping a close tab on every movement and was forwarding the information to its members.

Likewise Bollywood actors like Anupam Kher, Gul Panag, film producer Pritish Nandy, famous artist Mallika Sarabhai, author Chetan Bhagat were active on Twitter. They also gave vent to the anger on this issue via the social networking sites.

“Anna was arrested within 24 hours after Prime Minister hoisted the national flag,” tweeted Chetan Bhagat.

Writer Javed Akhtar who is not a Hazare supporter tweeted, “I do have objections to his methods but his arrest was not justified.”
Meanwhile, Film Director Mahesh Bhatt was not convinced with Hazare’s anti-corruption movement and wrote on his twitter page, “Where was Anna during the Kherlanji massacre?”

Such was the following on the Facebook page that more than two thousand people had commented minutes after Hazare was refused his release. In April barely few thousand were followed India Against Corruption on Facebook, but presently the number of members have shot up to over 3.25 lakh.