Chandrakeshwar Prasad also cleared the air on the allegation that he took bribe from the government. He said that he didn't ask for 'chanda' as Shahabuddin is saying rather asking for government’s help.

Former Siwan MP Mohammad Shahabuddin was released from jail after 11 years in connection with Rajeev Roshan murder case after the Patna High Court granted him bail on Wednesday. Rajeev was an eyewitness in the 2004 double murder case.

Soon after his release, he kicked of controversy by saying "For me Lalu Prasad is the leader and Nitish Kumar is the chief minister circumstantially", who has been a four-time MP from Siwan. After his release from the Bhagalpur divisional jail, he left in a convoy of over 300 vehicles for Siwan.

Shahabuddin, who is a member of RJD National Committee - the top decision making body of the party- and is known to be close to the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, said categorically that he never enjoyed good relations with Kumar. Various pending cases against Shahabuddin were reopened and he was sent to jail after Kumar had assumed power in 2005. He was however quick to add that it was the court which sent him to jail and the court ordered his release from the jail.

Shahabuddin walked out free on Wednesday when the Patna High Court granted him bail in a case of murder of a witness in the 2004 killing of two brothers in Siwan. He had got bail in connection to nearly 12 other cases earlier. Shahabuddin was accorded a grand reception by his supporters and RJD workers.