New Delhi: The Supreme Court has put on hold the hearing of the petition regarding the security of nuclear power plants, by two weeks.

The court said, it does not have an expertise in the area and therefore, it is not possible for the court to analyse the security of the nuclear power plants.

A non-governmental organization ‘Common Cause’ had filed a petition with the Apex Court demanding to set up an independent Regulatory Body to monitor the security of the nuclear power plants.

 The bench headed by Chief Justice SH Kapadia asked the petitioner, “Have your raised your demand in any governmental authority? If yes, then what was the reply from the government?”

The Apex Court said that it will listen to the petitioner only after it submits the proof of its interaction with the government in this regard.

The court accepted the issue to be of utmost importance but said, the setting up of a particular nuclear plant and its security depends on the situations prevailing at the particular place and other circumstances.

The court directed the petitioner that if it is concerned on the safety of a particular nuclear plant, it can file a petition in the concerned high court.