New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed Sikkim High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran's plea for restraining the Campaign for Judicial Accountability(CJA) from participating in the inquiry by a Rajya Sabha-appointed panel into his alleged corrupt practices and misconduct.

"The petition is dismissed," a bench of Justices G S Singhvi and C K Prasad said in a terse order after hearing Dinakaran's counsel for over half an hour at a special hearing.

Senior counsel Amarender Sharan and Ashok Bhan, appearing for Dinakaran, submitted before the bench that the CJA had no locus standi and should not be allowed to lead evidence or participate in the inquiry.

The counsel cited two Apex Court judgements to claim that third parties have no right of participation nor shall they be allowed to participate in impeachment proceedings.

The CJA had been in the forefront seeking removal of Dinakaran for his alleged corrupt practices.

On July 5, the bench had castigated Dinakaran for adopting delaying tactics and rejected his plea to invalidate the inquiry.

The bench had, however, asked the Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President Hamid Ansari to replace one of the three members of the panel senior advocate P P Rao after Dinakaran accused him of biasness.

Holding that it was a "calculated" move on the part of the Chief Justice of the High Court to raise objections against Rao to delay the proceedings which are to be completed within three months, the bench said reconstitution of committee will not hamper the proceedings and they shall go ahead on the charges already framed against the judge.

"We hold that belated raising of objection against inclusion of Rao in the Committee appears to be a calculated move. He(Dinakaran) is an intelligent person and knows that the Presiding Officer of the Committee is required to forward the report within a period of three months from the date the charges framed under Section 3(3) of the Act were served upon him. Therefore, he wants to adopt every possible tactic to delay the submission of the report," the bench said.

Dismissing his plea to invalidate the charges framed against him due to the presence of Rao in the committee, the bench said, "this court or, for that reason, no court can render assistance to him in a petition filed with the sole object of delaying finalisation of the inquiry."

"Therefore, nomination of another jurist will not hamper the proceedings of the committee and the reconstituted committee shall be entitled to proceed on the charges already framed against him," the court said.