New Delhi: Albeit legislations are enacted in the Parliament in a democratic set up, there are scores of verdict given by the Supreme Court which have no less value than law.

People have right to access the details of election candidates, all the commercial vehicles must run on CNG only in Delhi, illegal child can claim his share of the property-- these rules were not passed on the floor of the House, rather they are the verdicts of the Apex Court.

According to the Constitution, there is a provision that if the Apex Court issues any verdict or give any direction, it can be treated like a law that would be binding for all and sundry.

Rules like a woman cannot be arrested after the sunset and what all precautions should be taken while arresting a man were decided by the Supreme Court in the Kolkata’s DK Basu vs West Bengal case many years ago. 

The court also gave direction to put up the list of rights of an arrested person on the message board of a police station that was religiously followed.

There are hosts of other laws which would not have seen the light of day without intervention of law of land.   

(JPN/ Bureau)