New Tehri (Uttarakhand):  The Koteshwar Hydro Power project has become a cause of concern to the neighbouring villages as the water level in the lake is on the rise. The state government has rehabilitated and compensated some of the affected villages but a few of them are yet to get anything. 

There are concerns that the rising water level in the lake may cause damage to the land and property of the villagers.

Developed by Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC), the 400 MW Hydro Power project has been under construction for the past two years. In Koteshwar, the villages located near the lake were exposed to risk when the projects’ two units started production last month, causing harm to villagers’ land and property.

Pendars and Mulani Villages are the fully affected villages in Koteshwar while the partially affected villages include Gairogi Sera, Sauntiyal, Halgent, Alli-Talli, Vichitrapur, Chopra, Palam, Dandeli, Dharam Ghat and Dobra.

Several villagers are yet to have successful rehabilitation and resettlement. In some cases, even the adversely affected villages are yet to receive any compensation.

According to the previous survey, the villagers were not adequately compensated and now their land and property is on the verge of submergence as the water level in the lake is on the rise. The surging water level in the lake did not even spare the Water Plan’s tanks.