London: The genes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem to dominate prominently in the star daughter Suri Cruise. The five-year-old has already mountaineered a designer shoe collection worth over 100,000 pounds. Suri has had several pairs of high-heeled footwear custom-made for her and already has picked up her favourite designers.

"Suri has so many designer shoes. She's a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she's had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn't come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri. She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!" said a source.

Suri is said to insist on only wearing high heels and her famous father is happy to indulge her tastes. "The older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels.

"Even when she's going to play dates or walking on the beach, she cries if Katie reaches for anything but a little pair of sandals with some sort of heel. She literally cries, 'No, Mama, no!' And then points to whatever pair she feels like wearing - no matter how inappropriate!"
"Tom loves seeing his little girl dressed up so girlie and cute. He encourages her to wear frilly dresses and tiny heels. He says Suri is growing up to be as fashionable as her mum. Everything's pink. She's a young girl who knows what she wants."