U; Drama-thriller
DIR: Sanjay Talreja
CAST: Barkha Madan, Nishant Bahl, Sumit Suri
Stars: 2.5

The movie starts with much sincerity as it attempts to talk of the illegal immigrants in Canada and their miserable, uncertain lives. The story begins pretty well and keeps you glued, as Jeet (Barkha Madan) plans to visit her brother Pargat (Nishant Bahl), who she hasn’t met in several years. A tout promises to get her the necessary false papers, but in return, she has to carry a ‘package’ for him. His nephew Kuldeep (Sumit Suri), however, has other plans.

The story holds fort till Jeet manages to reach Canada and her loving brother. One gets kind of involved with Jeet’s travails as we are told of her and her mother’s (Vineeta Mallick) helplessness and desperation through flashes of flashbacks. But soon Pargat is kidnapped and it is up to Jeet to bring her brother back. After this point, the film’s script loses its way and gets into an action mode, with Jeet putting her judo karate skills to good use.

While Jeet’s difficult but brave sojourn in Canada does bring in a few sporadic thrilling moments, it also leads to disappointment as it seems to veer farther and farther from its original intention of talking about the illegal immigration trade.

Most of the cast puts in a decent effort. Barkha, on whose slender shoulders the film largely rests on, could have been better.

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