If you are kin on guzzling down beer, these lesser known facts about beer could leave you amazed.
No beer belly: This is a very common myth among people that drinking beer may gift you with beer belly, but according to studies beer has no connection with obesity. Drinking beer in moderation can actually help you in losing weight.

Nutritious value: Beer contains hops, barley and wheat that make the beverage rich in nutrients like vitamins, zinc, niacin and riboflavin. A bottle of beer contains all minerals that can lead to a healthy diet.

Good for kidneys:
It has the ability to keep your kidneys healthy as they can prevent kidney stones. According to various studies, the men and women who drink a moderate amount of beer have reduced risk of developing a stone by 40 percent.

Fat-free and cholesterol-free:
It would be shocking to know but in fact beer is fat free and can lower your cholesterol level as well. Being a natural beverage full of nutrients it has low calories.

Good for skin: This quality of beer can actually be a saviour for women struggling with skin problems as it contains certain vitamins which regenerate the skin and can fight pigmentation. It also gives an additional glow to the skin and makes it more smoother.

Good for hair
: This fact about beer remains unheard as many people are unaware that beer is good for hair and promotes hair growth. According to researchers, beer contains a natural ingredient that can add volume and extra shine to the hair.

Boosting socializing network: Beer is an active social media person which can help you to open up and socialise among friends and family members. If it a party, a family gathering or a party with friends the drink is perfect for any occasion.

Enhancing bone density:
Moderate amount of beer consumption can actually help you in keep your bones stronger. According to a study, beer is rich in dietary silicon which increases bone mineral density.


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