"I think a lot of people were surprised by that moment," he was asked about his weeping incident at the White House this week.

Wiping away tears as he spoke of children killed in Connecticut in 2012, Obama unveiled a series of executive actions on guns, including expanding mandatory background checks for some private sales.

Obama said he visited Newtown two days after what happened.

He further said that he's never owned a gun but said that doesn't mean he's spearheading a 'conspiracy' to take away other Americans' constitutional right to purchase firearms.

"I grew up mostly in Hawaii, and other than hunting for wild pig, which they do once in a while there's not the popularity of hunting and sportsmanship with guns as much as there are in other parts of the country," he said.

Then Obama recollected the conversation he had once with Michelle while they were campaigning for presidency.

"Michelle and I are, then, campaigning out in Iowa, and we're going to farms, and we're going to counties, and at one point, Michelle turned to me, and she said, you know, if I was living in a farmhouse where the sheriff's department is pretty far away and somebody can just turn off the highway and come up to the farm, I'd want to have a shotgun or a rifle to make sure that I was protected and my family was protected," Obama said.

Obama strongly refuted allegations that he wants to take everybody's gun, describing it as a conspiracy.

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