Dehradun: In a bid to put an end to the various speculations about the melting of the Gangotri glacier owing to global warming, the Survey of India has for the first time decided to prepare a detailed map of the glacier which is the origin of the Ganges. The map is supposed to find out the accurate status of the glacier.

Besides, the Survey of India will also continuously monitor the changes taking place in the shape and the size of the glacier for the next five years to chalk out a plan to ascertain the aims and objectives of the glacier conservation projects.

Survey of India will prepare the map on the scale of 1:10000 (one is to ten thousand) so that most of the portions of the glacier are shown very clearly.

The Survey of India has already sent a proposal in this regard to the Ministry of Science and Technology. Virendra Dutta, an official of the Survey of India, said that the department would also take the help of satellites to prepare the map and also for the surface survey of the glacier.

Bhatt expressed confidence that survey team would be able to embark on its studies from May next.