London: Dogs are woman's best friend also --one in five females spends more time talking to their pets than their male partners, a survey has revealed.

The survey of 2,000 female dog owners found 18 per cent chat to their dogs more frequently than their husbands; they also take time off work to look after their poorly canines and even leave the radio or television on for them.

In fact, 42 per cent have taken time off work to nurse sick animals and 34 per cent leave the radio or television set on to keep their pets company, according to the survey.

Richard Rockett, from dog food specialist Burgess Supadog Sensitive, which carried out the poll, said, "Nothing is too much trouble to make sure our furry family member is contented and healthy.”

“We share everything with our dogs, from our favourite television programme to musical preferences, and we're not afraid of showing real affection for our favourite companion.  We are pleased that pet owners take the responsibility of owning a dog so seriously."