New Delhi: Hitting back at Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh for his ‘dance’ remarks, an unfazed Sushma Swaraj said those criticising her are suffering from "mental slavery" as she had the right to dance on patriotic songs anywhere in India.

A combative Swaraj said the Congress is trying to divert attention from the "main issues" of corruption and black money and questioned whether such comments had the blessings of
party chief Sonia Gandhi.

"I would like to ask Sonia Gandhi whether her party has stooped to such a low level and whether it is under her consent that a party singing patriotic songs is being dubbed as a party of dancers?" Swaraj said.

She said Congress leaders, who have termed BJP "a party of dancers", have got into the habit of using "indecent" language and particularly targeted AICC general secretaries Digvijay Singh and B K Hariprasad in this regard.

Swaraj said "the internet is full of dance clippings of Congress leaders. They can open the net to see how many times Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Shiela Dikshit danced."

"We are patriotic people and we can sing and dance to patriotic tunes anywhere in the country. Those who are opposing it are suffering from mental slavery. The country is
independent now and I don't need permission from anyone to sing and dance to patriotic tunes," she told reporters here.

Congress has slammed Swaraj for dancing on Sunday night during a BJP 'satyagraha' organised at Rajghat to protest against the police crackdown on Ramdev's congregation.