Swaraj, who is the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, also defended the BJP and its allies, saying they disrupted the Parliament to ‘expose the scams of government’.

"This Lok Sabha saw the highest number of disruptions. This government had so many scams, a new one came up in the interval of every session. The government wanted us to set them aside and let the Parliament go on... But we had to stall the Parliament to expose the government and its corruption," Swaraj said.

"But the new trend witnessed in this session was disruptions by government members. Three sessions were sacrificed over protests on Telangana, in which only government members disrupted the House," she said while addressing a press conference a day after the last session of the 15th Lok Sabha ended.

"Many remarkable legislations have been passed by this Lok Sabha. But we could have passed some more good legislations if parliament would have functioned," she added.

The 15th Lok Sabha has been the most disrupted ever with overall productivity being 61 percent. Just 13 percent of the time was spent on legislative business, 74 major bills were left pending and 20 bills were passed with less than five minutes of discussion.

The 15th Lok Sabha (2009-14) met for 357 days and 1,338 hours against an average of 600 days and 3,700 hours for the first three Lok Sabhas (1952-67).


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