Swaraj tweeted, ''Should orphanage be the destiny of a surrogate Baby?''

The parents of the newborn, Chris and Michele Newman, are in Mumbai on a medical visa that expires on October 7. If their three-month-old daughter Lily will not get passport issued till this time, then the couple will have to leave her in an orphanage.

Swaraj questioned British authorities in her tweets and even asked for a concrete solution to this issue.

She wrote, ''Commercial surrogacy is banned in Britain. Will British Government give a British passport to this surrogate Baby?''

In another post she tweeted, ''Will the advocates of commercial surrogacy suggest a solution and help this Baby? Pl RT''

Lily's passport application has been with the UK Home office since June 3.

"I did have to do something no father had to - I was pacing around at 3 am, looking at orphanages in the middle of Mumbai," Chris Newman was quoted as telling BBC.

The UK Home Office has reportedly said that the baby's passport will be issued after checks to ensure that her "interests are protected" and claim to British nationality verified.

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