Mumbai: Sushmita Sen may not have any films on hand but she continues being the diva. The actress was the showstopper at Rohhit Verma’s recent fashion show. At the event, all those who walked the ramp including Sunny Leone and Sonu Sood wore watches designed by Shilpa Marigold. But Sush refused to wear the time piece as she was not paid for doing so!

Says a source, “Rohhit requested her to wear the watch as all the models as well as the celebrity models wore it. But Sushmita remained adamant and went ahead without it on the ramp.” Buzz is that Sen was paid nearly Rs 11 lakh to be the showstopper. As the clause of wearing the watch was not included in her contract, she preferred not to flaunt the time piece.

Rohhit however maintains, “Sushmita was ready to wear the watch but it was not fitting her well. Initially she decided to hold it in her hand and walk the ramp. But after she realised that the watch was worth a crore, she chose to be cautious as she did not want to drop it on the catwalk. Finally she handed it over to a crew member in the green room.” However, even without the watch Sush’s sense of timing was perfect and acted like a diva.


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