"If any member enters the well of the house, he should be immediately suspended. There is a rule in the place to deal with such situations, but it hasn't been implemented so far," Singh said at the inaugural session of 'Panchayat Aaj Tak'.

On Thursday over the Telangana issue an Andhra Pradesh Parliamentarian used pepper spray inside the Lok Sabha when the Telangana Bill was tabled, while a TDP member broke the Speaker's mike.

Protestors, opposing and favoring the creation of a separate Telangana state, have repeatedly surrounded the Speaker's podium, raised slogans, tore official papers and have almost come to blows.

"So many important Bills are pending which are suffering due to unnecessary protests. People have lost faith in politics and we have to take some immediate steps to save our democracy," Digvijay added.

Both the houses of Parliament have been paralyzed for the seventh successive day.


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