In a BSE filing, Suzlon said: "It has been successfully repaid in cash, FCCBs worth USD 28.8 million in principal amount along with the applicable 8.7 percent redemption premium".
''Our focused efforts towards debt reduction, liquidity optimisation and business ramp up are bearing tremendous results. There is a visible ramp up in our execution volume, order inflow and resultantly the cash flows," Suzlon Energy Chief Financial Officer Kirti Vagadia said.

Suzlon had issued a 5 year FCCB series in April 2011 for USD 175 million having a 5 percent coupon and April 2016 as maturity date.

In July 2014, pursuant to a cashless restructuring proposal, bondholders having FCCBs worth USD 146.2 million in principal amount of the 5 percent April 2016 FCCB series opted to exchange their FCCBs for a new FCCB series maturing in July 2019.

"The balance USD 28.8 million of the 5 per cent April 2016 FCCB series, which were due in April 2016, now stand redeemed in full," the company said.

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