Indian cities generate nearly 170 million tonnes of solid waste annually, and the projects undertaken by the two states are seen as a big step towards significantly addressing the waste management issue in the two states.

Tamil Nadu has launched a waste-to-energy plant at Venkatamangalam, 20 km from Tambaram, Chennai. With an intake capacity of 300 metric tonnes per day, the Venkatamangalam plant can produce up to 20 MT of refuse-derived fuel per day, which they plan to sell to cement plants in the state.

West Bengal, on the other hand, has allocated Rs 92 crore for setting up over 200 compactors across the state. State representatives confirmed that over 6000 MT per day of waste would be compacted through the compactors being set up.

They plan to allocate a single compactor in smaller towns, while municipal corporations will be given two compactors each. Compactors help decrease transportation time and cost, making the overall Solid Waste Management cycle cost effective.

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