Panaji: Stating that India has competition only from China in becoming an economic superpower, Swami Ramdev said here on Saturday that every patriotic Indian should stop using China-made products.

"The countries like America and Russia are losing their economic prosperity due to increasing debt. Japan is a small nation to be a super power. India has competition to become economic superpower only from China, which is also progressing rapidly," he stated.

Calling China the rival country, Ramdev said "that every Indian should stop using China-made products. We should not support anything that would help China become a superpower. I appeal the people to adopt Swadeshi," he added.

The Yoga Guru also said that iron ore exports to China should be stopped.

"China does not export its single gram of iron ore while we sell major part of our ore to them. We should use technology to upgrade the ore and use it in our domestic steel manufacturing units," he added.

Swami who was here for Goa Bachao Abhiyaan to stop illegal mining, also said the country should not accept any kind of foreign investment.