Varanasi: On fast over cleanliness and purification of the Ganga, Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand is following in the footsteps of the great seer Nigamanand who sacrificed his life for the holy river.

Admitted to the Varanasi divisional hospital for giving up water intake, Swami Sanand as promised earlier removed his glucose drip at 4.45 in the evening on Saturday.

The saint also declared that he would not consume any nutritious food until the government accepts his demands. Swami’s health has been deteriorating since he stopped drinking water nine days ago. In spite of the information given by the doctors on the seer’s health, no official has visited Swami to take note of his condition.

Talking to reporters after pulling out the drip, Swami Sanand said, “No decision has been taken by the government or the administration so far regarding the conservation of the Ganga. Therefore, as per my promise made three days ago, I pulled out my glucose drip.”

He added, “The Ganga is my mother and I am fasting for protecting my mother. I am able to fast with God’s grace and he will give wisdom to all.”
Swami accused the government of using the Ganga for its own benefit and turning a blind eye towards its pitiable condition. He said, all those who are claiming to protect Ganga cannot be trusted.