Varanasi: Reminding the sacrifice of great seer Nigamanand for the holy river, Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand observing fast to demand cleanliness and purification of the Ganga was forcefully admitted to the ICU at the BHU hospital.

While the doctors re-started their treatment against the seer’s will, the administration banned people from meeting him.

Chief doctor of SPG Divisional Hospital, Varanasi DB Singh told reporters, “Swami Sanand, under the observation of medical team at the hospital for the last many days, has refused to continue treatment on Saturday evening and even removed the drip he was administered. His health has been deteriorating since then.”

Dr Singh said, “His weight was on the decline and he was facing chest pain. So it was decided to admit him in the Intensive Care Unit of BHU hospital in order to avoid any risk and the administration was informed in this regard.” As a result, the authorities concerned with the help of police forcefully got him admitted to the ICU ward of the BHU hospital amid protests by supporters of the saint.

Swami kept on saying, “Leave me alone. I don’t have to go anywhere and please do not interfere in my mission. I have already declared that I will not take medical care.”

Dr Vikas Agrawal, a heart-specialist who is looking after the saint said, “Citing the indications of a silent heart attack, Swami Sanand has been admitted to the ICU and he is maintaining a stable condition  at present.”

JPN/ Bureau