Varanasi:  Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand, who is on a fast demanding conservation of the holy river Ganga, has warned the Centre that if it does not look into his demands, he will pull out the life saving drip on Saturday.

Swami Sanand who is undergoing treatment at a local hospital on the initiative of the district administration said, “I am in extreme pain and discomfort as my hands have swollen and I am feeling weak. Doing ‘tapasya’ in hospital does not hold any meaning.”

The doctors informed that the health of Swami Sanand is stable and he weighs around 48 kilograms with pulse rate 62 and BP 136/70.

Meanwhile, Magsaysay Award winner and Water Man Rajendra Singh visited the seer on Thursday and blamed the Centre and the state government for the pitiable condition of the holy river. He said, “Huge sums were allotted for cleaning the Ganga but they have gone in vain. The government is killing the river.”
The Water Man added, “Till the last breath of my life, I will make people aware of the government’s policies and intentions for the river.” He urged the seer fraternity to boycott the Mahakumbh in 2013 until the purity of the river Ganga is restored.

Swami Sanand, who stopped taking water on March 7 and sat on ‘tapasya’ on the banks of the Ganga, was admitted to a local hospital when his condition started deteriorating after two days of fast.

Reiterating his demand, he said that the Centre must immediately stop the ongoing dam project on the Ganga and summon a meeting of the Ganga Basin Authority at the earliest.

Union Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had visited Swami Sanand on March 13 to persuade him to discontinue his fast but in vain. Jaiswal had assured him of organising a meeting of the Authority in April but Swami warned him that it may be too late by then.