Haridwar: The health of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand, who is on an indefinite fast under the banner of Matri Sadan over the poor condition of the Ganga River, remained stable on the ninth day of his hunger strike, said the doctors.

“The health of Swami Sanand is stable and showing no signs of depreciation as of now,” said doctors Sanjay Jain and Nishtha Gulati who carried his medical examination.

On the ninth day of his protest on Friday, the Swami highlighting his demands accused the Ganga Basin Authority of being lackadaisical in saving the holy river.

“The authority has not taken any sincere steps in saving Ganga. Despite many protests and campaigns, its condition remains the same. The authority appears like a puppet in the hands of the Central Government,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Save Ganga workforce, constituted in the memory of Swami Nigmanand for the mission of saving the sacred river has commenced its training. Govind Sharma,

Coordinator of the workforce said that the six youths selected for the mission will undergo 20-days of rigorous training in which they will learn about the challenges facing the Ganga and its solution.