Haridwar: Following a ban imposed on mining activities on two banks along River Ganga, Matri Sadan Chairman Swami Sivananda concluded his 11-day fast on Tuesday. He declared the ban as a victory of Swami Nigamananda’s sacrifice and vowed to continue his struggle for truth in future.

Meanwhile, hundreds of villagers of Pathri, Bhogpur and Bishanpur carried out massive demonstrations against the ban at the District Magistrate’s office. 
Addressing a press conference after concluding his fast, Swami Sivananda said, “The sacrifice of Swami Nigamananda did not go waste as the truth can never be denied.” He said the government and administration threatened him but he remained adamant on his demand.

He expressed confidence that environmental research on the effects of mining on river Ganga will make people aware of the truth.

Swami Sivananda has decided to launch a crusade against the CBI claiming that the investigation agency is being impartial in its inquiry.

The seer also informed that he is gathering facts regarding the sewers of ashrams and other institutions in Haridwar leading to the holy river.

Meanwhile, fearing attacks from the supporters of mining on the banks of Ganga, Matri Sadan has sought police protection.