Chennai (Agencies): Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Monday sought the Tamil Nadu Governor's sanction for prosecution of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi for allegedly allotting land to a ‘favoured few’ under discretionary quota in ‘violation’ of rules.

"Karunanidhi has violated every rule and allotted to a favoured few", Swamy told reporters after submitting his petition to office of Governor Surjit Singh Barnala.

His sanction for prosecution comes a day after the DMK chief issued him a legal notice for linking his name to the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

Swamy claimed he had enough evidence on the issue. "I will never say anything without proof. I have done it always and have won my cases," he said.

He alleged that the Tamil Nadu Housing Board has earmarked 15 per cent of the land to the Chief Minister for discretionary allotment. The allotment by Karunanidhi was in violation of Section 11 and 13 of the Prevention and Corruption Act. "Hence Karunanidhi must resign and be prosecuted", Swamy said.

Swamy said he has taken names of those who benefitted, but refused to disclose them.

"I have given names of people who don't deserve to get it. It includes civil servants, judges, police Officials and a variety of people", he said.

Asked about Karunanidhi's legal notice issued to him, he said he had not received it yet.

"No, I have not received any legal notice. If it comes I will put it only in the wastepaper basket. What is there for notice. He has no guts. Let him go to court. He is only sending legal notices only to terrorise the media", he said.