However, no transaction of business took place during the first day of the Assembly session due to disruption caused by Congress and BJP MLAs demanding Law Minister Somnath
Bharti's resignation.
A detailed discussion on Swaraj Bill was also held in Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. Touted as a measure for achieving true 'self-rule', the Bill provides for decentralisation of power by setting up mohalla sabhas at ward level.
Senior government officials had held a meeting on Sunday and finalized the modalities of Swaraj Bill which intends to put in place mohalla sabhas where power would be given to the common people to solve problems at the local level.
Former chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh SC Behar, drafted Swaraj Bill along with some experts.
Seeking to dispel the fear that AAP members would take over Mohalla sabhas, Behar had said "under the Bill, mohalla sabhas are being made strong. However, it is not that party members will take their control.


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