New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj on Monday said government's majority claim was exposed in the Lower House as it failed to cross the half way mark of 272 when the amendments to the President's Address were put to vote.
"They (government) have been saying- 'We have the number, we have the number'. Prime Minister, where is the number?" Swaraj said on Twitter.
Talking to reporters, she insisted that the government had made all efforts to get its allies on board during the voting on the President's Address and had even postponed the exercise from Thursday to Monday but failed to get the numbers.
"There were 227 votes in favour of the government. It is 45 less than the majority. The government's majority claim has been exposed," Swaraj said.
She maintained that although in his speech Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured that Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi's resignation will be forwarded to the President for acceptance, yet the TMC members did not vote with the Government and walked out of the House.
"It is for the first time that even Ministers of alliance partner (TMC) walked out of the House. It is huge embarrassment for the government. While TMC and BSP joined in the walkout, SP voted with the government. It is the beginning of realignment?," Swaraj wondered.
Interestingly, though there was a three-line whip to all BJP members, some of them were not present during the division of votes on the President's speech.