The company claims STZO to function like other watches that are designed to cater the needs of fitness enthusiasts, beach volleyball players specifically. The watch can track how much calories have been burned and monitor data such as steps taken by its wearer, but the main integrated purpose of its design is to keep a record and focus on volleyball-specific maneuvers like “dive” and “spike”.

The smartwatch will coordinate the information to the Swatch’s app where skills of the volleyball player will be measured and also the player will be assigned a rank from zero to a hundred.

The watch will not categorise all the hits made by the player in one account, it will differentiate between different type of hits like attack hits, low hits, high hits and high fives according to the strength of the hits. It will present a report by compiling the data in the form of graphs and reports based on the performance of the player over the due course of days or months.

The watch runs on battery power, reportedly, it doesn’t even require a charging every night after use. The makers claim that the battery has long lasting life, and can last for say that the battery can last for  months. The watch will hit the market later this year with a price tag of USD 160 each. The company has stayed any word on the colours in which STZO will be offered.