Faridabad: Festival season has started and with Diwali around the corner, the business season at sweet shops is inching closers towards its pinnacle. Owing to the heavy demand, the racket of selling adulterated sweets has gone up manifolds.

Exchanging and consuming sweets is a major tradition during Diwali, and keeping the fact in mind some deceitful traders indulge themselves in the fraudulent and illegal activities.

With virtually no check on adulteration one cannot be sure about the quality of sweets being sold and consumed. Hence to avoid the serious health trouble, it advisable to consume branded sweets or other food items which are in good interest of health.

In wake of increased prices of milk products and to meet the demand, sweet traders often use adulterated products to prepare different and colorful sweets to lure the consumers. They prepare the sweets in bulk months before the festival.

As a customer how can one really ensure that the 'pedha' or 'burfi' you pick up is unadulterated and pure? Adulteration could generally be in the colour they use or the 'mava' they may use.

It is advisable not to touch sweets during Diwali. Adulterated sweets can land one in serious health trouble.