Los Angeles: Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone's son, who was found dead at his home on Friday, is said to have died a minimum of three days before his body was discovered by a housekeeper.

Sage Stallone, 36, was found dead in his Los Angeles home and the details surrounding his death are still unclear. But a drug overdose is suspected as officials found "numerous empty pill bottles" in the area where his body was discovered, reported Online.

Reports say that the reason Sage was not found until that long because he was used to living like a hermit and would spend days in his room, instruct the housekeeper not to enter and not even knock on the door.

Sources said his room was filled with junk such as cigarette butts, beer and soda cans, and food.

A law enforcement source said the room was "disgusting and reeked of various smells. A numerous amount of pill bottles were found in two drawers."

LA County Assistant Ed Winter has confirmed this fact on Friday night, saying "There are some prescription bottles, however, I'm not going to detail what they were or how many."

Winter said an autopsy will be performed in the next few days and investigators will look into Sage's medical history.

The cause of death will be revealed several weeks later pending toxicology tests.

Sage, Sylvester's first son with ex-wife Sasha Czack, reportedly was not depressed or suicidal.

"He was in good spirits, and working on all kinds of project. He was planning on getting married," Sage's attorney George Braunstein said following his death.


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