New Delhi: Synthetic rubber output fell by 10 percent to 8,421 tonne in September, while consumption declined by 3 percent to 33,510 tonne, according to Rubber Board data.

In September last year, the production of synthetic rubber stood at 9,320 tonne and consumption at 34,480 tonne.

The consumption by the auto tyre industry also declined by 5 percent to 24,010 tonne in September 2011, compared to 25,323 tonne in the year-ago period.

Synthetic rubber is mostly used in the manufacture of tyres in the country.

India's synthetic rubber imports, however, rose by 7 percent to 26,760 tonne in September this year from 25,025 tonne in the same period last year.

In the first half of the current fiscal, synthetic rubber production rose to 54,750 tonne from 53,231 tonne in the same period last fiscal, while consumption increased to 2,13,075 tonne from 2,01,625 tonne in the same period.

Similarly, auto tyre industry consumed 1,54,887 tonne in April-September 2011 as against 1,44,126 tonne in the same period of the previous year.

Likewise, the total imports in April-September in this fiscal rose to 1,73,490 tonnes from 1,51,435 tonne in the same period last fiscal.

The total stock of synthetic rubber in the country at the end of September, 2011 stood at 51,015 tonne.