Tripoli: A member of the opposition Syrian National Council said the group took control of Syria's embassy in the Libyan capital on Sunday without meeting any resistance.
"The Syrian National Council has taken physical control of the embassy today," said council member Anas al-Khalid.
"Tomorrow we will officially take charge after signing some papers. The takeover has been peaceful. There was nobody in the embassy when we went inside," he said.
Dozens of Syrians gathered outside the embassy in central Tripoli chanting slogans against President Bashar al-Assad.
"Assad must be hanged!" shouted the crowd as SNC activists went inside the mission.
"After what happened in Homs on Saturday, there was no way but to take charge of the embassy," said Khalid.
Syrian activists said troops killed more than 230 people in overnight shelling of the city of Homs in central Syria, a charge denied by the Damascus government.
In cities in Europe and the Middle East, dozens of Syrian protesters were arrested on Saturday after storming their country's embassies, smashing windows and starting a fire in