"Such accusations are political, and the reason for this was the series of victories by government forces over the terrorists," President Bashar al-Assad said.

"We were accused that the army has used chemical weapons in an area that is under the control of the alleged gunmen," Assad said.

"How can the government use chemical, or any other weapons of mass destruction, in a place where its troops are concentrated. This is contrary to elementary logic," Assad said.

As for some western countries' ongoing preparation for a possible response to the alleged use of chemical weapons, Assad said it was not the first time the issue of military incursion into Syria was brought up.

"From the very start of the crisis, the US, France and Britain tried to carry out a military invasion, but unfortunately for them things took a different turn," he added.

The President also warned the US of failure if it dares to invade Syria, "as in all previous wars waged by them, from Vietnam to the present day".


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