BEIRUT: The Free Syrian Army (FSA) met a delegation from peace envoy Kofi Annan this week and confirmed that their fighters will stop shooting if President Bashar al-Assad withdraws his tanks and troops to barracks before a ceasefire deadline next Thursday.

Colonel Riad al-Asaad, the head of the FSA, told that representatives of Annan met leaders of the FSA and discussed Annan's plan for a troop withdrawal by April 10 and a ceasefire by April 12. 

"Talks were held and the FSA said if the regime commits to the plan and withdraws from the cities and returns to its original barracks then we are committed to the plan," he said.    He refused to say where the meeting was held or to identify the delegations. He said "It was held this week."  

Assad told Annan two weeks ago he accepted the terms of Annan's peace plan.