Kolkata: Tablet PC will one day eclipse the desktop and laptop because of its portability and other advantages, while its older siblings will remain only to do sophisticated and specialised jobs, teachers of Computer Science and experts have predicted.
"Most of the work done by average home PCs or laptops can be done by Tablets. People on the move may not need to carry laptops and may not need desktops at all like they did earlier," Sugata Sanyal, Professor of Computer Science at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, says.
Subhamoy Maitra, Professor of Computer Science at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, is ecstatic about Tablets.
"Tablets will bring a paradigm shift. Just wait till people are accustomed to small devices like they have done in case of mobile phones, particularly smart phones," he says.
Maitra cites how by using both their thumbs, members of the younger generation are able to type much faster on their cell phones compared to those who are in their forties.
"The same can be said of Tablets. After some years, may be children will carry Tablets to school. By that time it will become almost unbreakable and the parents will be able to observe movements of their children given the outstanding development in mobile communication," he says.
Not just students, business executives too are now opting for Tablet PCs.
"Many large companies are nowadays opting for IPads for their management executives as it has all the capabilities for conducting business," says Rahul Guha, Vice-President of a Bangalore based company.
"I see many Tablet applications show up which bridges the gap between office and home usages," says Guha, an engineer, who had earlier worked with Intel and Microsoft.
Small size will bring better mobility for a user compared to that of laptops, according to Maitra.